“Kathryn is an artist through and through. She’s fortunate to be getting a crash course in the music industry at a young age. I can’t wait to see her grow as a songwriter and band leader.”

Mookie - FM 93.5

“Her voice is pleasant and sparkles with promise.”

Ian Drew (Music Editor) - US Weekly

“Her voice is a combination of Taylor Swift mixed with Skylar Grey. Dean’s voice mixed with deep and thought provoking lyrics makes for a very interesting listen and really stands out from other pop singers... She sounds like a versatile songstress with a bright future on the horizon.”

Brian Hart - StarsEntertainment.com

“Kathryn Dean has a big voice and a big future to go with it! An old soul with a fresh sound!”

Ciro Sepulveda - FM 94/9

“Humorous, clever and unique, Kathryn didn't disappoint with her spectacular performance and powerful vocals. Was a pleasure meeting her and getting to know her one on one at Sunset Sessions!”

Liz Tarnof - Informer Media Group

“Kathryn Dean effortlessly transitions between radio-friendly pop and moving ballads, with a unique grit in her voice that serves as its own compelling hook. This is definitely a young artist to keep your ears open for.”

Brittany Frederick - Starpulse.com

“You Wish She Was Me and For Us We'd Do Anything are both beautiful, melodic songs. Kathryn has a voice reminiscent of Avril Lavigne, but powerful and strong. Her songs greatly reminded me of young love and going through hoops for it.”

Liz Tarnof - Informer Media Group

“Kathryn Dean has a new to the ear, unique style that will consume your every musical thought as soon as you listen to any one of her melodic hits!”

Justin Espinosa - HypeHits.com

“Kathryn has velvety vocals and a stunning, emotional delivery to match. Don't let her age fool you, this girl has wisdom beyond her years & a playful charm that is sure to win you over.”

Julie Garcia - SoCal Beat

Radio Single 'City of Angels - The Remix' now impacting these stations!

  • WRRM 98.5 FM Cincinnati OH
  • KJWL 99.3 FM Fresno CA
  • WYJB 95.5 FM Albany NY
  • WRMM 101.3 FM Rochester NY
  • WTRV 100.5 FM Grand Rapids MI
  • KBBB 97.1 FM Wichita KS
  • WTRV 98.1 FM Richmond VA
  • WMXS 103.3 FM Montgomery AL
  • KKLI 106.3 FM Colorado Spring CO
  • WTFM 98.5 FM Johnson City TN
  • WRSA 96.9 FM Huntsville AL
  • WWLI 105 FM Providence RI
  • KTDY 99.9 FM Lafayette LA
  • KMGA 99.5 FM Albuquerque NM
  • WMAS 94.7 FM Springfield MA
  • WBYY 98.7 FM Portsmouth NH
  • WVFV 99.9 FM Charleston WN
  • WDEF 92.3 FM Chattanooga TN
  • WHUD 100.7 Peekskill NY
  • KSSK 92.3 FM Honolulu
  • KTRR 102.5 FM FT Collins Colorado
  • WRCH 100.5 FM Hartford CT
  • KRNO 106.9 FM Reno Nevada